Process Improvements

    intelligent and friendly


    Simple innovative solutions to complex business problems

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    Process Improvements

    Through Automation and Predictive Analytics



    We help our clients achieve their identified business outcomes, by providing creative solutions. Solutions that help our client's customers, employees and are technology friendly


    We have a team of experts and partners for:


    • introducing and implementing intelligent process automation solutions
    • providing analytics based services
    • developing value added products and cloud based services

    Domain Expertise: Supply Chain and Customer Focused solutions

    Process Automation expertise and Partnerships: Leading Process Automation tools like UiPath and Machine Learning enabled products like Ephesoft

    Analytics Expertise: Forecasting ,Optimization, Market and Customer Insights

    Technology Expertise: SAP : SCM ,HANA, PAL, APL, R, SQL, SAS, BI, Cognos

    Cloud Infrastructure : Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP

  • Process Automation

    Create simple and powerful processes enabled by Automation , AI and Machine Learning

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    UiPath is one of the fastest growing and highest-valued AI enterprise software companies worldwide. The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform has already automated millions of repetitive tasks for business and government organizations, improving productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.



    As a silver partner we help organisations become confident and capable users of the platform . We help clients in their quest for improving customer satisfaction , employee engagement, reducing compliance risk and costs.

    We have integrated our HANA on cloud based Predictive Analytics solution with the platform to demonstrate rapid implementation of cognitive process automation


    Ephesoft is a leading enterprise content capture and data discovery platform that turns the world’s unstructured content into actionable information. Using supervised machine learning and a focus on efficiency and reliability, Ephesoft has crafted the next generation of smart document capture technology. Organizations use this power to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs. The company is undergoing rapid growth and has customers in over 50 countries. www.ephesoft.com


    As a Gold Partner for Asia Pacific Region we are adding value to our clients, who want to streamline and automate their processes, that need insights and critical information from unstructured data sources and documents

    We have an MS Azure based installation with deployment accelerators,including training support

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    Predictive Insights Pilot in 4 weeks provided Inventory reduction of $ ¼ million without any reduction in Customer service levels. Roll outs to 90 distribution centers with recurring benefits like improvements in Service Level , Stock Turns and Forecast Accuracy 
    Predictive and Descriptive Analytics: Segmentation, Inventory Optimisation, Forecasts Improvement

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    5% Customer Service Level improvements, for a market leader with turnover of $ 1.7 billion in the Pilot. Roll out to over 13 countries in ANZ and ASEAN region with recurring benefits

    Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics: Multi-Linear Regression, Constrained Planning, Inventory Deployment Optimisation

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    Step Change Improvements in Forecast Accuracy at detail levels for a client with a complex product portfolio with many products and variants. Smooth transition to new Processes. Rapid rollout of optimal algorithms across monthly, weekly and daily planning processes
    Predictive & Descriptive Analytics: Optimal demand algorithms developed for Forecast Accuracy, Segmentation and Classification

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    Predicted market shares for new brand entrants into the market, for more than 40 brands, spread across personal care, detergents, foods & beverages business in the FMCG sector. Simulated shop techniques were used to induce first purchase, with in-home recall for usage and repeat purchase data

    Predictive Analytics: Markovian Analysis

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    Customers across entire country were profiled as per the changing market scenarios due to the new product concept inventions. Product purchases were analyzed for inter and intra brand affinities. Brand switching analysis was done for more than 100 brand variants, across various price points, for development of an optimal pricing strategy

    Predictive Analytics: Segmentation, Market Basket Analytics & Choice Modelling

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    Over 90,000 customers of a mobile service provider were analyzed to predict their likely behavior with regards to payment of their mobile bills. A Credit Score was developed for each of these customers and the services were either enhanced or discontinued based on the scores
    Predictive Analytics: Credit Scoring, Segmentation

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    Two leading prescription drugs of a $29 billion Pharmaceutical market leader were analyzed for interactions with other drugs, both in presence and absence of existing medical history

    Predictive & Descriptive Analytics: Classification, Segmentation and OLAP mining

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    Retail Audit data was analyzed for a multi-million dollar FMCG in Africa and a Market Research group in Greece. The analytics provided insights on the general market understanding, distribution effectiveness, brand performance, product portfolio, pricing and promotion and distribution effectiveness
    Predictive & Descriptive Analytics: Segmentation, Seasonal patterns, OLAP mining


    IP and Machine Learning based Services

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    Blending field experience with research

    Our field experience has been combined with applied research in an environment that fosters thought leadership and makes innovation a core driver of our growth. There is a vision for community give back through research and solution developments in human safety, education, healthcare and genetics


      • Innovation drives client engagements (both one-off process improvements and continuous long-term initiatives). The engagement knowledge breeds innovations
      • Product development provides inputs to this core driver and is also utilised on client facing engagements.
      • Our products for multi-algorithm predictions and workplace safety, have also created client engagement opportunities


      • Our proprietary methodology for Predictive Analytics is based on the CRISP-DM methodology with a LEAN approach for sharper focus on business benefits.
      • The approach takes advantage of modern Predictive Analytics toolsets that have built-in automation of key tasks in the process
      • It is outcomes focused and uses 360 degrees views
      • Supports Iterative build , evaluation and improvement


      • Rapid prototyping using modern application building tools like Justinmind for creating business Apps that integrate with ML services and business processes
      • Google Cloud platform and planned for extension to Amazon
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      Machine Learning enabled

      Value Added Products

      A product code named “Second Opinion” - with SAP’s partnership and technology investment.

      • This utilises advanced predictive algorithms and speed of HANA to develop alternatives for better “Forecasting”. 
      • Simply put a customer can walk in with their important products’ history and forecast data - utilise this platform and get better forecasts or validate their current forecast. 
      • The product also enables rapid improvement of overall forecast accuracy for multiple Lines of Business

      Significant Application : FMCG and Retail , Banking and Finance and Asset Management


      Another product is an example of innovative technology and process enhancement to HANA’s text analytics engine .

      • The objective is to simplify the training of the engine and create a simple interface for domain experts for training and fine tuning the learning process.
      • This application provides a platform for combining client’s domain-expertise with Advanced analytics tools , to create value for clients and solve business problems.
      • The proof of concept has been approved by a client.The product will be scaled up and enhanced for deployment on cloud as a service


      Significant application: varied - Plant and Asset Management , Workplace Safety , Customer Relations

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      HANA and Predictive Analytics
      • By Combining Ascentra Consulting’s IP with HANA as a platform , a superior best build method has been applied using a portfolio of latest and relevant algorithms by integrating SAP Automated algorithms, Predictive Analytics Library and open source R algorithms. The selection and best build process are done inside the memory utilizing stored procedures.
      • By utilizing these flexible stored procedures in HANA, Models can be automatically re-trained thereby reducing the complexity of maintaining these systems
      • The solution has been globally validated by SAP.StartupFocus program and is in the launch phase
    • Partnerships

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      Gold Partner

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      SAP Analytics and HANA Database


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